Preparing for Camp

Campers may need varying items based on their individual needs. We have composed a list of must-haves for each individual camper, but you are encouraged to bring any additional items that your child may need throughout the day. Each camper will be assigned their own cubby to keep their supplies. You may choose for your child to bring a bag daily with all their necessary supplies or to leave them in their cubbies and we will notify you when they need additional supplies. Please label each one of your child’s items with their name. Backpacks and clothing need to be labeled on the inside of the items to ensure their name is not visible to others when out in the community.

Camper Must-Haves

  • Breakfast – Campers signed up for our Extended Day – Early Drop-off campers may eat breakfast when they arrive. Please pack your child a breakfast if they do not eat before arriving at camp.
  • Lunch – All campers must bring lunch daily. On scheduled field trip days this must be a simple lunch that does not need to be refrigerated or cooked. Lunches will be kept in a cooler on the bus, but we cannot guarantee availability of a refrigerator or microwave while we are on a field trip. On non-field trip days, campers (or their assigned staff) will have access to a refrigerator, microwave, and toaster over to use as needed. If your child arrives without a lunch, then one will be provided for them at an additional $20 fee.
  • Snacks – Please pack 1 snack for your camper each day. Additional snacks will be provided throughout the day and during certain activities. If your child has dietary requirements or is food over selective, please pack or leave additional snacks in their cubby.
  • Water Bottle – Each Camper must have a water bottle with their name on it every day. These may be left in their cubbies so you do not have to bring them each day if you choose.
  • Clothing – Each camper needs to have a minimum of 1 change of clothes (shirt, shorts/pants, socks) each day. Children that are toilet training or in diapers need to have a minimum of 3 changes of clothing each day. All clothing must be labeled with your camper’s name. Clothing may be kept in their cubbies and replaced as needed.
  • Diapers/Wipes – Any Camper that wears diapers or pullups must bring a full pack of wipes and a full pack of diapers/pullups labeled with their name on the first day of camp. These will be kept in their cubby and you will be notified when they need to be replaced.  If your child runs out of diapers, wipes, or pullups, after you have been notified that they need to be replaced, then they will be provided, and you will be assessed the cost of the items plus a $5 fee (because one of our administrators we will be leaving to go to the store to provide your child with these items).
  • Bathing Suit/Water Diapers/Towels – Campers must bring appropriate water activity clothing labeled with their name on every scheduled water day and as needed on field trip days according to the field trip activity calendar.  
  • Sunscreen – All campers must bring sunscreen labeled with their name on their first day of camp. Sunscreen will be kept in their cubbies, and you will be notified when it needs to be replaced.
  • Assistive Technology/Devices – Any camper that uses any Assistive Technology/Devices must bring them to camp every day. We want to ensure your child has full access to participate in any activity they choose. For this reason, we ask that all campers bring any necessary devices to participate fully in our activities. This includes but is not limited to: Speech Devices, PEC Systems, Canes, Glasses, etc.

Optional Items

  • Backpacks – Your camper may choose to bring a backpack or bag packed with all their daily items. It is encouraged for campers that are not potty trained to bring a bag or backpack labeled with their name on all scheduled fieldtrip days.
  • Blanket and Fitted Sheet – If your camper takes a nap during the day, they will need a fitted sheet and a blanket for nap time.