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We have a vision of a world in which individuals with autism or other developmental disabilities and their families are embraced and supported by their communities through sharing common goals. These goals are positively impacting quality of life through dedicated service, ensuring the provision of exceptional therapeutic and educational services, and striving to assist in the achievement of independence. Goal achievement welcomes the desired effect of community inclusion, the foundation upon which building friendships, life-long friendships, and finding personal purpose in predicated.


Collaborative Solutions has truly been the best thing to ever happen to our little girl and our family. When she started at Collaborative Solutions many years ago, she was completely non-verbal. Within a few months of starting therapy, she spoke her first words. They have patiently taught her to no longer self-injure, to use the potty, to speak, to write, to read and even to swim. When my little girl goes to therapy, she goes with a smile. She knows she is loved there. Collaborative Solutions sends a therapist home with her every day. They make sure that what she learns at therapy transfers to our home. We have taken an amazing parenting class offered by Collaborative Solutions That class taught us so much about the proper techniques to parent our children through positive interaction. Collaborative Solutions is there through every challenge we have.

We had a great experience with all services from Collaborative Solutions since we started working with them three years ago. Collaborative Solutions has consulted with us on numerous occasions with issues happening in our home and in our son’s school. Dr. Nikki and our therapist have made themselves available via email and phone to answer any questions or concerns we’ve had, as they arise.

Collaborative Solutions is very professional in their demeanor and plays a large part in our son’s education. The therapists have helped our son with his education and behaviors over the last year and a half. Our son has been able to successfully transition from an intensive behavioral classroom back into a standard class; just in time for middle school! His strides and improvements are due largely to the quality of service they provide. Collaborative Solutions provides excellent services and we would highly recommend them to anyone needing behavioral supports.

From the first meeting with members of Collaborative Solutions, I could feel the passion and dedication to the children they work with. They have always made me feel as though my child’s success was their priority and that my son is not just another child they work with. The feeling you get of being one big family is not something that can be put into words, rather something that needs to be experienced, which is what you get with the great group of people they have.

Our autistic son’s behaviors were beyond unmanageable.  He was thrown out of multiple schools and had been baker acted multiple times.  We had begun touring group homes on the recommendation of his doctors. Collaborative Solutions was our last hope. Dr. Nikki and her therapists came in and with great thought, diligence and professionalism examined our son’s behaviors. They really understood his issues and developed a program that changed his aggressive behaviors.  Their parental training taught us how to properly prevent and respond to his behaviors. We cannot give enough praise to Dr. Nikki and her staff.

My daughter was diagnosed with mild autism and started ABA therapy with Collaborative Solutions when he was 23 months old. Our behavioral therapist was a bright light for us. She worked one on one with her for several hours several times per week. After just a few weeks, she was more responsive and demonstrating more appropriate behaviors. She would include her twin brother in activities, which taught both children turn taking and how to encourage each other. Even today I will hear one of them say to the other, “good job!” and “that was awesome!” The kids and I would walk with her to the park where they would work on social skills and safety concerns. Our therapist was always enthusiastic and made me feel hopeful for my daughter’s progress. She also shared with me techniques to deal with difficult behavior and recommended things that I could do to work with my children when she wasn’t present. Her step-by-step instruction and modeling were easy to follow and duplicate with Luke during the day. I really don’t have enough words to say what a profound effect ABA therapy with Collaborative Solutions has had on my son. Today he is 4½ and currently in a special day preschool class with Speech, OT, and PT therapies but is being assessed this month for mainstreaming into a typical preschool classroom. I honestly believe without early intervention and ABA therapy this would not be the case. I have several friends with children on the spectrum and recommend Collaborative Solutions to each and every one. The therapists are consistent, joyful in their work and able to connect with children on a very special level.

Collaborative Solutions services were excellent and provided a safe haven for my daughter during a time of great stress. Your staff’s ability to mediate our conflict and relate to my daughter to help resolve it was invaluable. Thank you for being there in a time of need. My daughter also felt the experience was helpful and worthwhile. I wouldn’t hesitate to seek out mental health or behavioral services with Collaborative Solutions again.

Our therapist is a wonderful woman who has helped my child make immense progress in only the short time we have been working with her.  I really enjoy seeing my child make progress while interacting with her therapist.  Your program is amazingly helpful, and I am so thankful I found help with Collaborative Solutions.  Thank you for all you do.

We love our therapist.  She has become a support to our whole family.  I feel I can trust her and share my hardest moments.  Our child feels safe talking with her and she understand when he is too anxious.  My husband and other two children also open up to her.  I am truly grateful for her support.

The best part of working with our therapist was them not only allowing but encouraging the parents to be hands on and a part of the counseling process. It was a great part of the growth my daughter experienced. The Family as a whole benefited from the techniques and tools that were provided.