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Behavior Technicians and Assistants work in homes with families to improve a child’s life through skill acquisition and increasing appropriate behaviors. Technicians support the child, family, and team members delivering interventions designed specifically for each unique individual. They are responsible for the treatment integrity of the behavior plan implementation through continued parent/caregiver training and communication with the Behavior Analyst.


Behavior technicians and assistants focus on a variety of areas:

• Implementing the behavior plan

• Parent/caregiver training

• Following daily routines

• Independent living

• Anger management, self-regulation, coping skills

• Building appropriate relationships/interactions with family members and peers

• Increasing effective communication skills

• Responsible for assisting in client supervision and implementation of instructional and treatment programming

• Must be supervised by a Behavior Analyst


Essential Qualifications:

• High school diploma and/or college degree, 2 plus years’ experience working with behavioral clients, preferably children diagnosed with autism.

• Must be 21 years of age or older.

• Agreement to complete necessity training to demonstrate the knowledge of behavioral principles and instructional strategies. This includes implementation of complex curriculum and behavior plans; data collection and analysis

• Excellent oral and written communication skills.

• Ability to engage in interactions with co-workers, supervisors, patients and their parents/caregivers in a professional manner at all times.

• Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

• Ability to exercise independent judgment and support and proliferate ABA philosophy—the science of human behavior.

• Ability to take direction from supervisors.

• Ability to work cooperatively within a team.

• Ability to relate professionally to parents and children.

• Dedication to and investment in patient progress.

• Flexibility in the area of scheduling and client assignment.


Desired Qualifications:

• Understanding of ABA methodologies.

• Skill in problem solving instructional and treatment programs.

• Education based or vocational work experience (Young Child or early intervention through Adult).

• Skilled in social skill development.

• Computer literacy—proficient in excel for graphing.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Direct Instructional and Treatment Programs:

• Provide 1:1 ABA therapy in home and community based environments

• Ability to build rapport with each student, creating and maintaining motivation

• Ability to implement skill acquisition and behavior reduction programming with students

• Assisting in making materials for instructional and treatment programs—program and task analyses development

• Recording and graphing data for behavior reduction and skill acquisition programming

• Assisting in problem solving for programming in which change is not in the desired direction

• Attending and participating in team meetings

• Maintaining confidential all knowledge of clients and their families

• Physically being able to perform duties of the position, and other duties as assigned

• Effectively implementing crisis and physical intervention procedures

• Assisting and/or implementing daily hygiene and toileting programs for students, if appropriate

• Work with children to increase appropriate  behavior

• Basic data collection

• Daily notes and a monthly report

• Implementation of behavior strategies

• Assist parents and team members with behavior strategies

• Insure that the client is in a safe and positive environment at all times.

• Adheres to all policies and procedures of Collaborative Solutions by Dr. Nikki Keefer & Associates, Inc.

• Willing to work after school hours (3:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.)  and weekends