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Essential duties and responsibilities:

• Development of behavior plans for implementation and assess progress of effectiveness of behavior plans and treatment technique modifications.

• Demonstrate proficiencies in Functional Behavioral Assessments and the identification of the functions of problem behaviors; demonstrate proficiencies in developing task analyses to train functionally equivalent replacement behaviors.

• Conduct new patient intakes, bio-psychosocial and other non-FBA assessments (i.e., autism screens, A-B-C data collection, records reviews, direct observations) and develop comprehensive  

• Ensure timely completion of progress reports & graphed data.

• Ensure behavioral strategies are implemented consistently and accurately across clinical systems in all settings.

• Attend team meetings as necessary and requested and effectively solve parental concerns.

• Train parents/caregivers to implement the behavior plan and all training programs (i.e., functionally equivalent replacement programs, etc.), conduct fidelity checks, provide corrective feedback, and retraining as necessary.

• Effectively communicate with funding sources providing supporting documentation in a timely manner; demonstrating medical necessity for ABA services in writing and verbally as required.

• To ensure effective communication and interpersonal skills with staff, students and parents.

• Ensure all patients are safe by implementing and monitoring de-escalation strategies.

• Parent training on ABA strategies and techniques.

• Supervise and manage program implementation for everyone within the client’s circle of supports.

• Supervise RBT/BAS level Therapists and sign off on all  of their paperwork

• Other duties as required


Required experience:

• 2 year minimum experience as a BCBA. Related experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Required license or certification:




Required education:

• BCBA-Master’s Degree in ABA or related field

• BCBA-D PhD  in ABA or related field

• BCaBA-Bachelor’s Degree in related field (i.e., education or psychology major)